Country and People

The leaflets of the column “country and people” primarily inform about the life of the Cretan people, their manners and traditions, handcraft and products as well as about mentality and quality of life of the natives.
In the mountain villages, where still the authentic and unsophisticated Crete is to be found, the Crete holiday-maker should contact the people - take time in a Kafenion or a Tavern. No need to speak Greek to take a coffee or to order something to eat. The locals will try to talk to the Tourist and you will determine how easily a communication comes, without the language of the other one. The Cretans have the “patience of a saint”. The Tourists possesses a clock, the Cretans possesses for it the time! In order to learn more about country and people, you absolutely should take the time and explore also the inland of the island (faraway of the beach).

The picture above shows the assembling of a kiln close to the “ Char burner Street” of Agia Melidoni, where the charcoal production follows the old tradition.



Geographical Overview


012-04/E - Excursion to the charcoal makers 020-04/E - Excursion to the pottery makers of Thrapsano 048-04/E - Cretan Raki 050-04/E - Zaros - Trout breeding at Crete 052-04/E - Cretan Wine 064-05/E - The "liquid gold" of Crete:
Olive oil (nectar of gods)
065-05/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Leather ware and Weave work
067-05/E - Christmas cribs on Crete 087-05/E - Crete’s agrarian-economy 088-05/E - Crete’s fishery-economy 089-05/E - The Orthodox Easter in Crete 098-05/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Glass blowing and Barber
100-05/E - Cretan cheese: visit of a cheese factory in Anogia 105-05/E - MINOS – name of the mythical King is (also) the name of a Cretan device 106-05/E - The nectar of the Greek Olympians – Honey (from Crete) 110-05/E - "Automatic" doors already 2000 years ago / "Donkey parking area" 111-05/E - Carnations: the ZEUS-Flowers are (also) cultured on Crete! 112-05/E - Potato back, Potato forth: Solanum tuberosum 121-05/E - Marianna's Herbal shop in Maroulas / Rethymno 137-06/E - YAKINTHIA-festivals at Anogia 141-06/E - CretAquarium: an attraction for Crete 143-06/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Traditional chairs
147-06/E - Memorials on Crete:
reminders upon occurrences
186-06/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Spinning works and Spoon maker
213-07/E - The 3 road tunnels on Crete get company: 222-07/E - "The Cafenon of countless pictures" in Mochós 227-07/E - Spring site and war memorial in Amariano 245-08/E - FILLO - tender pastry
for gastronomic specialities!
250-08/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Chairmaker - Vassilis in Vrisses
263-08/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Spoon carver in Zenia

274-08/E - Tractors on Crete (Part 1) 304-09/E - Tractors on Crete (Part 2)
277-08/E - A journey of discovery in the Sfakia 300-09/E - Cretan Handcraft:
The "tanner-district" in Chania
Ta Tampakaria
311-08/E - The Museum of Papa Michalis Georgoulakis 314-09/E - Vitreous art by Andreas Tzompanakis 316-09/E - Komitadhes - numerous witnesses of a historic past 333-10/E - Apolihnos - a (almost) abandoned mountain village 343-10/E - The ceramist village Margarites 344-10/E - Tavern "LEMONIA" in Chiliomoudou 346-10/E - On the trail of Alexis Zorbas in Stavros 347-10/E - The Greek village shop - "Pantololeia" 351-11/E - The watermills of Crete 353-11/E - Animal blessing in Asi Gonia 354-11/E - Animal welfare at Crete
the shelter of Manolis
357-11/E - Zoniana - an old and tradition-rich village at Crete 358-11/E - The waxworks museum in Zoniana 359-11/E - Axos, a old mountain village at the foot of Mount Psiloritis 361-11/E - Cretan Handcraft:
Cooperage since many generations on Crete
364-11/E - Komboloi 373-12/E - Threshing machines have a tradition at Crete! 380-12/E - The traditionally Cretan wedding 381-12/E - The museum LYCHNOSTATIS in Chersonissos 382-12/E - The Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Myrtia (Crete) 396-12/E - The Orthodox baptism on Crete 397-12/E - Funeral on Crete (“Kidia”) 403-13/E - Fix brewery, the 1st brewery of Greece

448-14/E - Museum of Wooden Sculptures in Axos

469-14/E - Platani - an abandoned village in the southeast of Crete