Monasteries / Churches

Crete has lots of beautiful monasteries, churches and chapels; unfortunately today many of them are very much threatened by maturity. This applies especially to magnificent frescoes and ikon paintings from the years 961-1204 and primarily for over 300 registered Byzantine churches.
The info sheets introduces monasteries, churches and chapels in detail with pictures, but not only the known Churches and monastery complexes get in to account, even the small, unknown, lonesome and lurked chapels will be shown. They often can be found on mountain tops and on historical ground of mountain sanctuary. They are worth seeing and often accommodate some treasure.

The photo shows the chapel Agios Pandeleimonas at the top of Mesa Patela near the ruins of an ancient settlement from Hellenistic period.



Geographical Overview


006-04/E - Jeep Tour to the
Monastery Koudoumà
321-10/E - Monastery Koudoumà


026-04/E - Jeep Tour to the
Monastery Saint Antonios
038-04/E - Monastery Agia Triada & Gouvernéto 042-04/E - Monastery Katholikó 055-04/E - Monastery Preveli 057-04/E - Monastery Odigítrias 061-04/E - Monastery Faneromenis 062-04/E - Churches in Etía 063-05/E - Monastery Toplou 070-05/E - Church Pánagia i Kerá 072-05/E - Grotto Chapel at Prinos 074-05/E - "Rock Church" Ayios Ioannis
at Harakas
076-05/E - Monastery Chrissoskalitissa


078-05/E - Monastery Agia Marina 341-10/E - Monastery Agia Marina
(Complementary to 078-05/E)


079-05/E - Monastery Kaliviani 090-05/E - Monastery Vidianis 094-05/E - Cave-Chapel at Limani Kissamos 096-05/E - Monastery Gouverniotissa at Potamies 109-05/E - Ayios Panteleimon – Byzantine Church at Pigi/Kastelli 119-05/E - Rock-Monastery Faneroménis at Gourniá / Northeast Crete 122-05/E - Monastery Selinári and Selinári-Canyon 125-05/E - Church of the "five virgins" 137-06/E - Chapel of the Holy Yakinthos 151-06/E - Monastery of Arkadi
Symbol of Cretan resistance
195-07/E - The Cave Church "of holy cross" in Kalamáfka


298-09/E - Monastery Agios Georgios 303-09/E - Monastery Panagia Exakousti 348-10/E - Monastery Tour: Monastery "Admission of the mother of God in the temple"
Monastery Savathianon
356-11/E - The church of the "dormition of the Mother of God" in Alikambos 359-11/E - Byzantine churches are the "landmarks" of Axos 360-11/E - Monastery of Agkarathos


370-12/E - Monastery Vrondisi
(near Zaros)
379-12/E - Spili – Crete wide importance as bishop’s see 383-12/E - The “Holy Monastery Of The Holy Fathers” 385-12/E - The Nicholas-chapel
in Georgioupolis
387-12/E - The monastery complex Asomaton in the Amari valley 388-12/E - Two worth seeing churches
in the Amari valley
389-12/E - New convent between Stalida and Mohos (North Crete)



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for the individual topic

033-04/E - Monastery Arkadi 034-04/E - Monastery Kapsa


107-05/E - Monastery Aretiou
Mirabellou, North Crete
108-05/E - Cave church near Avdou, Prefecture Iraklion