Nature lovers and hikers are enthusiastic about the countless gorges of Crete (more than 60 within  in the Prefecture of Chania). Effected by special climatic conditions, also rare plants flourish in them.
A varied geology draws deep cracks and precipices, rushing waterfalls or springs framed by vertical rocks. Some offer climbing tours, others experience hikes. Even in regards to the history of Crete gorges offer something, e.g. the “Valley of the dead” with its multitude of burial caves from Minoan period. The most known gorge is the “ Samaria Gorges” with approx. 18 km length. But there are also smaller gorges with not less experience value. They will be named and described here.

The Tripiti Gorge in the south of Crete: it is possible to pass the river bed with a jeep and opens at the end in a small bay at the seaside of the Libyan Sea.




Geographical Overview


001-04/E - Hiking through the
"Red Butterfly" Canyon
002-04/E - Valley of the Dead 003-04/E - Hiking through Aradena Canyon 026-04/E - Jeep-Tour to the Arvi-Canyon 027-04/E - Hiking through the Sarakinás Canyon 034-04/E - Pervolakia Canyon 055-04/E - Kourtaliotiko Canyon 056-04/E - Kotsifou-Canyon 057-04/E - Ágio Fárango Canyon 068-05/E - Roúwas Canyon 070-05/E - Kritsá Canyon 077-05/E - "Waterfall-Canyon" at Plora


095-05/E - Around and through the Tripití Canyon



261-08/E - Walking-tour through the Imbros-Gorge / South Crete



317-09/E - Hiking in the "Canyon of mills" 320-09/E - Galliano Gorge 340-10/E - Hiking through the Astrakiano-Canyon 371-12/E - 2nd hiking through the Astrakiano-Gorge