Ecological- / Nature conservancy

In our current consumption and packaging society old “disposable” habits have fatal consequences. Today our waste consist a lot of plastic material and others, not or only very slowly rotting substances which are often burden with harmful substances. They need a assured landfilling and waste management. Already standard in Central Europe, the disposal of waste represents a major problem in Crete and is a continuous conflict between Greece and the European Community. Particularly at the historic island Crete people simply throw their waste “ in to nature” and leave it to the forces of nature. Therefore you can find wild rubbish dump all over the island, often with a negative shape for the landscape and a destructive and harmful influence to the environmental and nature.

The heading Forum and the information leaflets to environmental and conservation won’t only inform but sensitise for the problems, especially relating to the fact that all sectors of society need to contribute to environmental and conservation

The photo shows an illegal rubbish dump at Gouves/North Crete


Picture is showing waste on the waterfront of the river Aposselemi in the delta area; today perhaps a irretrievable destroyed area in the north of Crete not far from Iraklio.


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Illegal dumpsites on Crete:
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