Tours / Excursions

You will realise that Crete is (apart from beach holiday) ideal for tours and excursions, when looking at the topics of the navigator bar. Whether you want to do geologic, palaeontology or botanical excursions, whether planning hikes through Crete’s incomparable nature and landscape or whether you want to go off road with a 4 x 4 to explore island and archaeological sites – Crete has to offer a great deal. In most travel guides about Crete (as well as in the internet) you will find lots of suggestions for excursions and many travel organisations offer guided tours. For those looking for individual tours and who do not want to follow the crowd will find here leaflets with corresponding information’s. Detailed directions aimed with primary information about the tour route and its attractions, in short and limited to the essentials are contained. In advance the leaflets provide (off road) tours-, hike- and field trip reports that are not in any travel guide and thus give the ability to visit objectives, far from the mass tourism, showing the unadulterated Crete.
A little adventure is also given.

Photo is showing the off-road route to the crest pass of the Asterousia Mountains, leading to the Koudouma monastery at the seaside after the pass



Geographical Overview

004-04/E - Hiking through the Lasithi Plateau 008-04/E - Jeep-Tour from Ano Zakros to Xerokampos 009-04/E - Jeep-Tour through Dicti Mountain 028-04/E - Ship-Tour to the island Dia 041-04/E - Jeep-Tour: Fodele - Ahlada - Rogdia / North Crete 061-05/E - Jeep-Tour to Faneromenis 068-05/E - Hiking through the Roúwas Canyon 070-05/E - Hiking through Kritsá Canyon


193-07/E - Jeep Tour from Gergeri to Anogia 224-07/E - The springs of Argiroupoli in Agia Dinami 246-08/E - Aliki Almirida - a special bay away from known tourist paths



262-08/E - Jeep-Tour to the Limnakaro-Plateau, Lassithi 375-12/E - There is more than one way to the Limnakaro Plateau



267-08/E - By Jeep (and foot) in the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) 291-09/E - Jeep Tour to the Láki Plateau 307-09/E - Jeep-Tour Koutsouras - Thripitis Mountain - Kavousi 313-09/E - Chapel Agios Giorgios, Watermill & Washhouse 318-09/E - On the trail of the pirates in Plakias 319-09/E - Embrosneros - a village with janissary past 323-10/E - Village Vafés 326-10/E - Hiking through the mills gorge at the end of Kotsifou-Canyon 327-10/E - The Milia Mountain Retreat 328-10/E - Shinaria Beach 338-10/E - Jeep-Tour from Preveli to Agios Pavlos 339-10/E - The (ancient) hilltop village Polirinia 349-10/E - The mountain Vrisinas and its Minoan mountain top temple 365-11/E - Hiking to the Kormokopos Cave 367-12/E - The Capella-Observatory at Mount Skinakas 368-12/E - Andartis - Memorial for peace 369-12/E - Geological and archaeological objects of interest of Central Crete:
Excursion into the northeast part of the Iraklion rift
374-12/E - Side trip to the source area of Mirtos 390-12/E - Tour through the northern territory of the Amari valley 391-12/E - Tour through the southern territory of the Amari valley 401-12/E - The island Gavdos in the Libyan Sea