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A visit to the Natural History Museum of Crete is a must for every Crete lover as well as everyone interested in the flora and fauna of Crete.


Server "ODYSSEUS" is the result of the co-operation of many people. The content was collected, edited and organissed by the Press and Public Relations office of the Ministry.

Web pages of Hellenic Ministry of Culture with lots of informations and links about the Greek cultur.


Here you find our cooperation partner NABU, Obertshausen, as subdomain of our Web page. Focus of its work, beside the Ornithology, are environmental studies, nature conservation and the protection of species.

Wilhelm von Humboldt Stiftung

The Foundation serves the preservation and further development of Wilhelm of Humboldts (1767-1835) scientific inheritance and especially his idea of science as something "not found yet and never detect in total".

German Arachnologic Society

The DeArGe eV (German Arachnologic Society) is the consolidation of all German Arachnology with the aim of promoting the arachnology. The primary focus is the investigation of bird spiders and the delivery of details. (in German only)


The Arachnologic Society e.V (AraGes)
is a consolidation of all German-speaking Arachnology, dealing with spiders on a scientific basis.



araneae Spiders of Europe

Online-Database of the University of Berne with infos und determination help for the currently known 4.000 Spider species in Europe.

Archaeology Online

"Archaeology Online - the new web page for Archaeology"
"Discover Archaeology - Archaeology Online"

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